About Me

Hi, my name is Christopher Marland. Originally born in Rochdale, Manchester I moved to Edinburgh to complete an MA History degree (all undergraduate study MAs at the ancient Scottish universities) with very little idea that I’d eventually end up working as a data analyst. There I danced around the curriculum, studying Scottish monarchs, Latin American revolutionaries, European and American bankers, and Jamaican pirates. I even did a whole bonus year at La Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Spain.

Beyond data I’m very fond of reading. My nomadic lifestyle forced me to give away far too many books and rendered my collection a mere shadow of what it used to be. Slowly but surely I’m building myself back up. My top three recommendations, if you care, are Empires of the Atlantic World by J H Elliot, Fragile by Design by Charles Calomiris, and Reformations by Carlos Eire.

Netflix, exercise and travel otherwise occupy my time - but let’s be honest, everyone says that.

About My Blog and My Work

It was a pleasant spring day unappreciated by anxiety-riddled fourth year students, more concerned with falling into unemployment after graduation. Chief among them was myself. Out of pure desperation I attended a Careers in Tech fair (tech, I know, what nonesense), but there I came across The Information Lab.

Next thing I know, I’m hooked to Tableau. MakeoverMonday, ThrowbackThursday, IronQuest… I can’t get enough. A lightning bolt had hit, data had found me.

Right now, I’m working for The Information Lab as a Data Consultant, principally consulting on Tableau and Alteryx. But the amazing thing about the place I work is the collegiate environment it has built up under the stewardship of Tom, Craig and Robin.

Within TIL I’ve been able to build up knowledge in SQL, Python and AWS.

My hope with this blog is to be able to showcase my skills beyond my more visual Tableau Public profile, and share the knowledge I’ve learnt and developed with others. The amazing thing about the world of data (and tech in general) is the collective penchant for knowledge sharing. Each of us understands that it’s free information contained in blog after blog that propels our industry forward.